First Takes All programming workshop/game

Anders Karlsen (Steria)

Half-day workshop - in English

Approved_talk approved

"First takes all" is a programming workshop (and game) inspired by the "Extreme startup" workshop. One can work alone or in teams. Each participant (or team) is given a long list of programming tasks to complete. The problems have different difficulty levels, so the more complex tasks will give more points.

You read the the questions by making a http get request to a game server. You answer by sending a http post to the same server. Because of this you can use whatever programming language you want. Starting points will be provided in (a least) Java, C#, Clojure, Ruby, Python and JavaScript (node.js).

As a player you must decide what tasks to solve in order to maximize your points.

The workshop is designed to be a fun exercise where you must write correct code as fast as possible.


Primarily for:

Participant requirements: PC with IDE with their preferred programming language.