Learn how to utilise a graph database with Neo4j

Ole-Martin Mørk (Bekk Consulting)
Andreas Heim (Bekk)

Half-day workshop - in English

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In this 1,5 hour workshop you will learn how to work with Neo4j, the leading graph database on the Java platform. The workshop will be composed of a series of lectures, each followed by a set of TDD-style assignments.

You will learn about data modeling, querying and writing to a graph database. Our focus will be the database and the CYPHER query-language, not ORMs or boilerplate code. This makes it easier for you to understand the core concepts of Neo4j.

After the workshop the attendees will have a clear understanding of what a graph database is, how to work with it and when to use it.

The participants will need to bring their own laptop with Java preinstalled. The courseware will be published on github after the workshop. 


Ole-Martin Mørk is a Scientist at BEKK Consulting AS in Oslo, Norway. His role in the company is to focus especially on emerging technologies and spread joy and excitement over new technologies and its possibilities. He graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor in Computer Science from Østfold College.

Ole-Martin often speaks at conferences in Norway and Sweden, like JavaZone, Software and JFokus. He is also involved in different user groups like Oslo XP and javaBin. Se more of Ole-Martin Mørk here: http://www.slideshare.net/olemartinmork/presentations and http://github.com/olemartin


Andreas Heim is Practice Lead for the NoSQL & Big Data group, also at BEKK Consulting. He graduated from Oslo University College with a Bachelor in 2008, but has been working in the IT-industry since the first dot com boom in 2000. Andreas only communicates with his surroundings through his github account: github.com/heim, but he has been observed talking at a handful conferences in the last couple of years. 


Primarily for: Developers, Architects

Participant requirements: A laptop with Maven and Java installed, and intermediate Java-programming skills.