Outsourcing HMTL GUI implementation – fast, cheap and good

Kjell Inge Gausland (Evry)

Lightning talk - in English

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I have always loved working with designers on web apps, to me it gives the finish a project deserves. Far too often, unfortunately, I have had to make do without. I was therefore very happy when I received a very nice design for a project I was working on. Except that I now was a little rusty on CSS and JavaScript, not to mention very short on time.

What to do… We searched the web and found a lot of companies and freelancers doing this for very reasonable prices. So cheap actually, that if it turned out to be a failure we could always bin it, and if it worked… well, nothing would be better.

In ten short minutes I would like to share our experiences outsourcing just this part of a project. What worked well, what didn’t work so well and how we would go about doing this again.