React - Fast, smart, structured UI components

David Ed Mellum (Knowit)

Short workshop - in English

Approved_talk approved

With tools like Backbone and Angular it's easier than ever to build well-structured, complicated web apps that are slow and janky. Careful batching of DOM operations and optimizing or plain removing data bindings will speed things up, but what if we could get that speed without additional work?

React is here! It abstracts away the slow, often cumbersome DOM with a fast and simple virtual DOM in pure Javascript. Add an efficient, tunable diff algorithm and suddenly building lightning fast UIs becomes a piece of cake. React's simple one-way reactive data updates makes updating UI significantly more predictable than traditional data binding. DOM events are also optimized by default, being automatically delegated by React.

To get a hang of React and build some experience we'll be building practical components based on failing test-suites and ensure that they indeed are fast and jank-free.

Primarily for: Developers, UX specialists

Participant requirements: A machine ready for front-end development with Git installed.