Informed Gamification - How to spread the pixie dust

Ricki Sickenger (Sonat)
Linn Sovig (Spillmakerlauget/Game Developers Guild)

Half-day workshop - in English

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In this workshop we will look at what gamification is, how it relates to traditional game design, and how gamification can make your products more successful.

Gamification is the use of game elements and game mechanics in non-game contexts. Gamification can help you increase user engagement, help users make better decisions, and keep them coming back. Whether you are creating public facing web sites or internal applications, gamification can be the pixie dust that makes your product a super fantastic experience!

At least in theory.

A lot of developers add gamification to their product with ho hum and google-search-infused randomness on top of a product that wasn’t designed to be gamified. This is a sure-fire way to make gamification fail.

We will introduce a methodology that will allow you to make informed decisions about how you want to your gamification to work. We will discuss the methodology and teach you how to analyze existing products.

At the end of the workshop you will have a clear understanding of what gamification is, when and how it should be used, and be able to design and analyze gamified applications.


Ricki Sickenger is a former game industry professional with 10 years experience working on a large scale massive multiplayer game called Darkfall. He now works as an IT consultant and moonlights as an indie game developer. His main passions are development methodologies, game development and gamification.

Linn Søvig has worked with social media and other interactive platforms for 8 years. She has a particular interest in computer games and is currently project manager for building a game development center in Norway.

Primarily for: Developers, Project managers, Architects, UX specialists, Product developers, Managers

Participant requirements: