Let’s data dance

Nguyen Trung Truc (Folkehelseinstituttet)

Lightning talk - in Norwegian

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In order to understand Big Data, data visualization seems to be a more and more important part of data collection / analyses / prediction / surveillance, reporting, and media publishing.

The question is:
1. Which tools or languages should I choose  to cover the following task?
     What about R + d3.js?

2. What about time consume for big data analyses?
      You can exploit the power of parallel computing (number of processors) on your desktop
       or the network around you.

3. Who uses it?
      Google, Facebook, Bank, Insurance companies, government, research institutions…      Just search for R or d3.js you will find out.

4. Why should I use it?
     It is free and constantly under development by statisticians, programmers, and designers. –   And, the public loves it.

In ten minutes I will demonstrate some of the techniques (mapping + data animation + data binding) which you may use to impress your boss ….